Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Caribbean Indigenous and Endangered Languages (CIEL) Upgraded Website

The JLU/UCLR, in collaboration with UNESCO, upgraded The Indigenous and Endangered Languages website originally mounted by the JLU/ICCLR in 2007, in collaboration with UNESCO, in April 2009. The Endangered Languages receiving special attention so far are: Garifuna, Lokono, Trinidad French Creole, Saramakan and Kromanti.

Part of the upgrade was the creation of 7 video documentaries covering (i) Berbice Dutch Creole, (ii) Garifuna, (iii) Trinidadian French Creole, (iv) Kromanti & Maroon Old Time Patwa, (v) Ararwak, (vi) Survey of Caribbean Indigenous Languages, and (vii) Survey of Caribbean Creole Languages. There is, in addition, a page on the website for students across the Caribbean who, as part of their completion of secondary education, have to do the CAPE Communication Studies course which requires them to have a detailed understanding of Caribbean languages and Caribbean language situations. The CAPE Communication Studies page provides authoritative information, in a multi-media format, on various Caribbean languages and their structure.

The link for the site is:

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