Thursday, August 12, 2010

Responding to the Haitian Earthquake Disaster

The JLU/UCLR, as part of the ICCLR network, implemented a response to the January, 2010 Haiti Earthquake disaster. This it dedicated to memory of all those who had died, and in particular our colleague, Pierre Vernet, Director of the Institut de Linguistique Appliqué, of the State University of Haiti, who died, along with his introductory linguistics class of over 60 students when the earthquake struck. As part of an effort to assist with the official CARICOM relief effort, the JLU/UCLR implemented, in collaboration with the Dept. of Language, Linguistics & Philosophy a special offering of L28A - The Structure and Usage of French Lexicon Creole I for a group of 44 members of the Health, Security and NGO communities involved in the Haiti relief and reconstruction work. This course was completed in April, 2010. The offering of L28B – The Structure and Usage of French Lexicon Creole II to a select group of those who successfully completed L28A began in June, 2010 and is scheduled to be complete by August 13.

Above: Some of the students who completed level 1 of the Haitian Creole course along with representatives of the Military and the JLU/UCLR.

Above: Key individuals at the Haitian Creole programme award ceremony. From left: Dr. Matthew Smith, Doreen Preston, Capt. Lewis, Prof. Hubert Devonish and Dr. Kathryn Brodber.

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