Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dr Keren Cumberbatch recipient of the UWI/Guardian Group Premium Teaching Award 2014

In a formal event held October 9, 2014, Dr Keren Cumberbatch received the UWI’s most important teaching award, the UWI/Guardian Group Premium Teaching Award 2014. The award was made by a panel of judges consisting of Chief Judge Dr Elizabeth Barkley (Foothill College, Los Altos, California, USA), who gave the keynote address at the event entitled “Striving for Excellence: Engagement and Today’s University Students”, and judges Dr Catherine Monaghan (Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA) and Dr Larry Martin (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA). The panel lauded Dr Cumberbatch, who has responsibility for the Caribbean Sign Language programme at UWI Mona, for her engagement with her students and her ability to motivate them to be active participants in teaching & learning. Dr Cumberbatch has been able to maintain her standing as a stellar teacher despite the challenge posed by the exponential growth in the introductory sign language course, which this year was taken by close to 180 students.

Check out the following Gleaner article for more details:

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