Wednesday, July 6, 2011


On the heels of a successful Language Policy conference, the ICCLR has been receiving tremendous accolades and messages of support from various sectors across the region. This reception to our initiative has encouraged members of the Working Group and has strengthened our resolve to push forward our mandate on regional language policy reform.
One offer of collaboration came to the ICCLR from the Sargasso journal, which is published by the University of Puerto Rico and covers areas such as Caribbean Literature, Language and Culture. Mr. Don E. Wallicek, one of the journal’s editors, made the contact and offered the Working Group an opportunity to publish a special issue of the journal highlighting the Conference and subsequently relating issues.    
 The special issue will contain papers presented at the Language Policy Conference held in January, on issues surrounding the Charter of Language Rights document and more general papers on Language, Language Rights and the Law in the Caribbean. Editorial duties will be shared between Mr. Wallicek and Mrs. Celia Blake of the ICCLR. 

The ICCLR would like to publicly thank Sargasso and Mr. Wallicek for approaching us with the offer of a special issue of their journal. We are confident that it will be as special as the name suggests.  We hope that the Special Issue would be out in time for the 50/50 Conference (see here) in which the ICCLR and its associates hope to play a major role.  

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