Wednesday, July 6, 2011

International Creole Day 2011

October 28th will be celebrated as International Creole Day.  This is a festival currently celebrated across the French Creole speaking countries of the world, in the Caribbean as well as in the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles.   The January 2011 conference adopted International Creole Day as a day for the celebration of all the Creole languages of the Caribbean Region.  The festival’s aims to raise the awareness of Creole languages while celebrating the creole culture and identity of the host country. The festivities include music, dance, cultural foods, as well as a strong element in support of the use of the languages in public communication, formal domains and the education system.   

The ICCLR, as a follow up to the Conference decision, are reminding all our associates in the Creole-speaking Caribbean to begin planning for the commemoration of International Creole Day.  In order to coordinate this celebration regionally, we need to receive information, by 1st September, 2011, as to the specific territorial plans of each of the territories in which our associates are active.  

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