Wednesday, July 6, 2011


In our first newsletter, the ICCLR spoke of its intention to run a twelve month programme that would help junior researchers in the areas of Caribbean Language and Linguistics, to convert their academic research into publishable articles. The programme aimed to provide each selected candidate with a mentor from the wide pool of distinguished Linguists associated with the ICCLR. This would give the candidate not only a chance to collaborate with a renowned linguist and produce a journal article, but also a rare learning opportunity.

Since then, we have advertised the programme, received submissions from interested candidates from across the region and the United States (much more than we had in fact expected), completed the selection process and got the programme on the road!! Seven candidates were selected and at present are being coordinated by Dr. Karen Carpenter and Professor Hubert Devonish.

The course of the programme has taken a slightly different turn to what was originally conceived. Instead of their academic research, the selected candidates will work with their existing supervisors to write an article for publication. This change has met the approval of the candidates and so the next step is the candidates’ submission of the articles to be vetted and approved by Dr. Carpenter and Prof. Devonish. Following this, the articles will then be submitted to the Society of Caribbean Linguistics (SCL), for peer review and publication as part of their Occasional Paper Series.

The programme, at this point, is moving along the new pathway as outlined and it is expected that at the end of the process, we would have:
1) A satisfied group of junior researchers whose skills at writing for publications would have been sufficiently honed and
2) An elated ICCLR team who will be looking to expand the programme even more the next time around.

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